Additional Ideas:

-Wall Murals: Businesses, Rec room, Children's Bedroom/Playroom
-Low relief portrait sculpture
-Facial and Body Casting
-Halloween masks & makeup
Large portrait from photo on T-shirt - $75 (also available on a canvas)
Pet Portrait on Pillowcase - $50
$15 T-shirt
AIRBRUSHING - Goalie Masks, Softball Helmets, T-Shirts, Pillow Cases, & Much More!
CARICATURES & PORTRAITS - Water Color, Digital, Acrylic Paint, Airbrushed
SCULPTURE & PAINTING - Big or small, Abstract or Realistic, Figurative or Non-Representational
SIGN MAKING - Vinyl Lettering, Magnetics, Banners, Table Covers, Windows, Walls, Vehicles & Boats
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Sal Anello's
G A L L e R Y
Any age group is welcome to paint these; they are ideal for a childrens party or family night.
(716) 531-5678
Social Paint Studio & Entertainment
Spring Butterfly
Lil' Bit O' Paris
Tiny Dancers
Wonder Boy
Man Bat Hero
Cosmic Moon
Pot O' Gold
Halloween Monster
Jack's Closeup
Twirly Tree
Winter Dance
Super Moon in the Snow
Winter in the Park
Cool Company
Somebunny Loves the Snow
Midnight Snow
Cardinal Lovin'
Orange You Glad it's Halloween
Moonlighting Kitties
This Will be a Cinch
Hairdo Holiday
Bonzai Sunset
Summer Lovin'
Lazy Summer Sun
Sunny Sunset
Sailboat Sunset
Beach Love
Copper Sky- $45 Session
Budding Branches
Under the Cherry Blossoms
Daisy Days
Oh Lily!
Simply Daisies
Flower Fun
Birch Buddies
Maple in Orange and Yellow
Hilltop Tree
Tree of Life - $45 Session
Blue Flower
Beaches, Palm Trees, and Water
Niagara Falls
Home Sweet Home
Owl Love You Forever
Double Canvas of Love
Yelow Dress
Tiny Dancer
Ladies Night
Girls' Night
Wine Bar
Flowers & Trees
Totally Girly 
Wine Not?!
Sexy and I Know It
Wine, it's a Grape Thing
I'll Drink to That
Couples Canvases
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Warrior With Glowing Green Sword
Caricature portraits - $125
Please Note: If you don't see a painting here that you'd like to paint, search the internet for other paintings or photographs and send them our way!  We will be happy to accomodate you!
G A L L e R Y